Season One Recap: Angelina, Michael & Dan

We’re grateful for all the guests who took time out of their schedule to spend a few hours sharing their stories, experiences, and expertise with us. In the final episode of the first season, we take a look back over the past nine episodes to rehash some of the conversations that stood out to us. 

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Ministry to Gen Z + Millennials: Randy Duncan and John Rathje

The first wave of Gen Z is finishing up their first year of college, making the college campus an interesting blend of Millennials and Gen Z students. Particularly on a Christian campus, how do we engage with these students in a meaningful way that points toward God? For this episode, we’re at our sister campus in Ann Arbor, joined by campus pastor Randy Duncan and dean of students John Rathje to talk about building authentic connections with students in a way that makes ministry impactful.

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