Humanizing Issues Through Photography: Paul Calhoun

When we talk about immigration, gun violence, marginalized people groups, or any other hot topic, we often deal primarily in numbers. It’s easy to forget that behind each statistic is a person and a story. Today we chat with Paul Calhoun, a photographer passionate about restoring humanity to the issues of our day through the use of photography. What happens when we live out of curiosity, when we start really listening and paying attention to the stories all around us?

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Art & Faith: Cameron J. Anderson

How should Christians interact with the arts? Is there room for faith in the arts? What about the Church—what relationship should it have to the arts? In this episode, we’re talking with Cameron Anderson, a lifelong artist and writer, about his personal experience with the intersection of the two. We’re also saying goodbye to one of our hosts, Tim, during this episode—his final one before he packs up for a move across the lake to Michigan.

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