Month: September 2019

Humanizing Issues Through Photography: Paul Calhoun

When we talk about immigration, gun violence, marginalized people groups, or any other hot topic, we often deal primarily in numbers. It’s easy to forget that behind each statistic is a person and a story. Today we chat with Paul Calhoun, a photographer passionate about restoring humanity to the issues of our day through the use of photography. What happens when we live out of curiosity, when we start really listening and paying attention to the stories all around us?

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Native Faith: Timothy Young Eagle

The history books don’t tell the story of Native people well or accurately; they often skip over the horrors and injustices inflicted on them in the name of God, government, or both. In this episode, we sit down with Tim Young Eagle, executive director of Lutheran Indian Ministries, to grapple with the Church’s role in perpetuating and even leading the colonization of Native people and the generational trauma that resulted from it. Stay with us to hear how LIM is helping to reconcile Native people with God by offering a different kind of Gospel message—one of true hope, healing, and belonging.

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