Month: May 2019

Rhetoric’s History & Power: Dr. Erin Laverick

Over the centuries, rhetoric has evolved and taken on many different forms. In a digital age where almost everyone has access to a public platform via social media, rhetoric is now everywhere. But how are we to digest all of these messages? How do we differentiate between the helpful and the destructive? Dr. Erin Laverick, dean of the School of Arts & Sciences at CUAA, is joining us to look back over the history of rhetoric, analyze how it’s changed, identify the emergence of female voices, and provide suggestions on how we can engage in a meaningful way with the rhetoric of our current day.

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Ministry to Gen Z + Millennials: Randy Duncan and John Rathje

The first wave of Gen Z is finishing up their first year of college, making the college campus an interesting blend of Millennials and Gen Z students. Particularly on a Christian campus, how do we engage with these students in a meaningful way that points toward God? For this episode, we’re at our sister campus in Ann Arbor, joined by campus pastor Randy Duncan and dean of students John Rathje to talk about building authentic connections with students in a way that makes ministry impactful.

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Art & Faith: Cameron J. Anderson

How should Christians interact with the arts? Is there room for faith in the arts? What about the Church—what relationship should it have to the arts? In this episode, we’re talking with Cameron Anderson, a lifelong artist and writer, about his personal experience with the intersection of the two. We’re also saying goodbye to one of our hosts, Tim, during this episode—his final one before he packs up for a move across the lake to Michigan.

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